The Apostacy and commentary, chapter 5

(Sharing God’s View with 7,525 in resident churches: people being made temples of His spirit,)

11/19/17. God’s 8th month, Cheshvan 29, 5778 until sunset. 

     Holy God: we ask You give many Your desire to study Your word independently of this world’s denominations. Give us to know, we Saints are in this world but not of this world and help us understand what that means. We pray in the holy nature and name of Jesus. Amen.

      It’s our nature to sell what we think we understand and believe. It seems unbelievers work harder at that than do believers IN. We Believers are spiritually taught that we can’t in and of ourselves convert another. That spiritual comprehension is gifted to Believers IN. So we Believers put forth God’s truth with the understanding that He does the rest. While we try to rationalize with folk, “the difference in “believing that” opposed to “believing IN” we understand that He does the converting. Unbelievers attempt to sell a “believe that” philosophy. Even teaching that people are saved by simply “believing that.” Believers IN caution folks about that philosophy, from the point of view that “even Satan “believes that” and coaches his followers to teach a lawlessness doctrine. 

      To believe IN God the Father and God the Son as they are manifested to be in the holy scriptures. To know by “gifted faith” (Jesus is the Creator, Re-creator, Sustainer, Deliverer, Redeemer, the resurrection, One through whom eternal life is gifted and our Mediator before God the Father.) To know this Jesus is to know and desire obedience to Him. To know this Jesus is to believe IN Him and His miraculous deeds.

       Jesus was Israel’s Deliverer and Rock through Moses. (See 1Corinthians 10:4) Jesus created manna six days a week for the Israelites and re-created birds for their meat when they complained. He gave them plenty of water from a rock. Through Elisha Jesus purified water for the Israelites drinking and crops. (See 2Kings 2:19-22) Through Elisha Jesus re-created olive oil for a widow woman so she could pay her debts and live on the prophets. (See 2Kings 4:)Through Elisha Jesus promised a Shunammite woman a son and later when her son died, restored life to the boy. (See 2Kings 4:-8:) Jesus restored life to Lazarus after being dead four days. Telling Lazarus’ sisters that He was the resurrection. (See John 11:) Jesus re-created bread and fish feeding thousands: proving by deeds that He is, “Creator” and “Re-creator.” Through Peter, Jesus healed many when Peter’s shadow passed over then and restored life to Tabatha. (See Acts 9:36-43) Jesus did many more miracles, the holy scriptures confirm, “so many the book can’t contain them all.”

      Each time a mind is opened to understand these truths; “it’s a miraculous God gifted event.” Otherwise people could boast that they earned salvation. When we believe IN these things, “let’s give God our Father all the glory. 

 Gifted believing IN faith promised through Abraham. (Review Galatians 3:29)

 God’s promise to Abraham was that his heirs would be through Isaac, “the son of promise.” Likewise followers of Jesus are saved by promise. Abraham’s believing IN God, “make sacrificing Isaac possible” because he knew God was the Life Giver, whose promises were sure. (Followers of Jesus are heirs with Abraham. See Galatians 3:29)

       (Hebrews 11:17-19; “By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac. He had received the promises, yet he was ready to offer up his only son. God had told him, “Through Isaac your descendants will carry on your name” and Abraham reasoned that God could even raise him from the dead and in a sense he received him back from there.”) Isaac’s birth was by promise to parents past the age of natural reproduction.

      God’s resurrections and judgments are sure things. It’s God’s promise to the world! When God destroys evil, “it’s from Godly love.” God’s promised resurrections and a second death to evil doers is a sure prophecy. Revealed to John four times. See Revelations, 2:11, 20:6, 20:14 and 21:5-8. Re-study John 1“1-5 and Col 1:15-20. (Lets review Revelations 21:6-8 for the benefit of new subscribers.)

      (He also said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the one who is thirsty I will give water free of charge from the spring of the water of life. The one who conquers ’overcomes’ will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son. (8) But to the cowards, unbelievers, detestable persons, murderers, the sexually immoral, and those who practice magic spells, idol worshipers, and all those who lie, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. That is the second death.”

       Satan has sold every worldly religion on his first lie. Saying what amounts to; “calling God a liar” and saying God knows you were born to live forever someplace. May we each believe God, rather than the various demonic apostates. This truth was established long before Jesus’ revelations it to John.

       (Malachi 4:1 (3:19) “For indeed the day is coming, burning like a furnace and all the arrogant evildoers will be chaff. The coming day will “burn them up,” says the Lord who rules over all. “It will not leave even a root or branch. But for you who respect My name, the sun of vindication will rise with healing wings, and you will skip about like calves released from the stall. You will trample on the wicked, for they will be like ashes under the soles of your feet on the day which I am preparing,” says the Lord who rules over all.”)

       To people God makes thirsty for His righteousness, “He gives eternal life, the holy spirit , free of charge.” “His spirit is the water of life!”

       Jesus’ promises to Abraham, His prophets, His apostles, each called out Believer IN, will come to pass in spite of deceived people and the many demonic stumbling blocks. Understand; “God could destroy Satan now” but He is allowing Satan to be the god of unbeliever for a time and for His own purpose.

      God is growing and shaping a priesthood of Believers IN to be family. A people gifted by promise with obedient wills, “Saints” who are overcoming their inherited nature and Satan’s obstacles. The holy scriptures define Satan as, “the author of confusion and the god of this age.” Satan was first named Lucifer and was brilliant in every way, until sinful pride overcame him. Satan was the deceiver at Babylon; during Nimrod’s time. The word, “Babylon” means “confusion.” But the confusion began long before Babylon. Satan deceived Adam and Eve with his first lie. That being, “God knows that you will not surely die.” This lie spreading among Believers may have been the major expanding apostasy Jude was addressing.

      Jesus taught that immortality was God’s gift to Believers IN. In conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus said; “Everyone who drinks some of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks some of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again; the water that I will give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up to eternal life.” John 4:13-14)

      All worldly religions teach some form of Satan’s lie. Which basically is, “people are born with an inherent spiritual component, ‘a soul’ that will live forever someplace.” There’s many variations of Satan’s lie, but the root is from that same first lie. Paul explains in his letter to Timothy.

      (2 Timothy 1:9-10; “Jesus is the One who saved us and called us with a holy calling, not based on our works but on His own purpose and grace, granted to us in Christ Jesus before time began, but now made visible through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus. He has broken the power of death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel!”)

      Through the gift of believing IN Jesus’ good news “gospel” “eternal life, ’immortality’ is gifted.” Paul explained to the church at Rome and we Believers.

      (Rom 5:12-21; “So then, just as sin entered the world through one man “Adam” and death through sin, and so death spread to all people because all sinned – for before the law was given, sin was in the world, but there is no accounting for sin when there is no law.(14) Yet death reigned from Adam until Moses even over those who did not sin in the same way that Adam (who is a type of the coming One) transgressed.”)

      Each apostle taught, “the result of sin is death.” To the Pharisees types, “those living as though, they were made for the law.” Paul explaining that death reigned from Adam to Moses; “thus the law was always.“ Before the law was given through Moses, “death reigned.” Adam being a type of Christ; “death is a result of Adam’s disobedience.” But the gift of LIFE is through Jesus!

      (Rom 5:15-18; “But the gracious gift is not like the “Adam’s” transgression. For if the many died through the transgression of the one man, how much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the One man Jesus Christ multiply to the many! And the gift is not like the one who sinned. For judgment, resulting from the one transgression, led to condemnation, but the gracious gift from the many failures led to justification. (17) For if, by the transgression of the one man, death reigned through the one, how much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ! Consequently, just as condemnation for all people came through one transgression, so too through the one righteous act (Jesus’) came righteousness leading to life for all people.”)

      Life for all people? A physical resurrection “some time after the first!” The condemnation “death” of all people is the result of Adam’s disobedience! But through Jesus’ righteousness, ALL people will have life. Think second resurrection and a second death for idolatrous unbelievers.

      (Rom 5:19-21; “For just as through the disobedience of the one man “Adam” many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of One Man “Jesus” many will be made righteous. Now the law came in so that the transgression may increase, but where sin increased, grace multiplied all the more, so that just as sin reigned in death, so also grace will reign through (Jesus’) righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”) Immortality, “eternal life” is only through Jesus and a future calling to His Way is prophesied. PETER explained.

      (1 Peter 1:3; “I can pray this because His divine power has bestowed on us everything necessary for “eternal” life and godliness through the rich knowledge of the One who called us by His own glory and excellence.”) Called? The term used here in its participial form, in stereological “meaning properties” contexts, when God is the subject and always carries the nuance of effectual calling. (From the Net Bible commentary we read; “the one who is called is not just invited to be saved – he is also and always saved. Calling takes place at the moment of conversion, while election takes place in eternity past.”)

      (Rom 8:30; “And those He predestined, He also called; and those He called, He also justified; and those He justified, He also glorified.”) To God’s church at Ephesus and we Believers IN, Paul explains.

      (Eph 1:4-5; “For He “God the Father” chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world that we may be holy and unblemished in His sight in love. God did this by predestining us to adoption as His sons through Jesus Christ, according to the pleasure of His will.”) (Many CALLED few CHOOSEN. Matt 22:14.)

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