At One With God the Father and God the Son, chapter 3

To 10,029, Churches of God “A people being made temples of His spirit.” 3/18/18  God’s 12th month, Nisan 2, 5778 until sunset.

       God our Father: we pray that You call many, give the desire to know You and prove all things. Give us Your desire to worship You in spirit and truth. We ask in Jesus’ holy name and nature. AMEN.

       In their effort to recruit pagan populations, professing Christians hijacked Jesus and His apostles message. They make merchandise of sun and other idolatrous worshipers, “concocted Easter with it’s pagan fertility trappings.” Watering down the significance of God’s Passover season, it’s two connecting annual Sabbaths; “set aside for remembering Jesus’ saving blood sacrifice: to put away sinful practices and do self examinations.” These usurpers of God’s holy season instituted their own. Setting aside forty days for avoiding something pleasurable and calling it “penitence,”

      Beginning with their set aside Ash Wednesday, “Lent” with six weeks of penitence before celebrating Easter with sunrise services, eggs and rabbits. Few care to know the origins of these pagan practices and how connected to Jesus‘ resurrection. (Easter sunrise is no more than “worshiping the sun.” Eggs and rabbits represent fertility. The mother goddess, ruler of the underworld, protectress of the harvest: “fertility of  both animals and man.” She was the Greek goddess of sexual passion and Love, representing fertility through the act of sexual intercourse.)

        These hijackers of Jesus’ teaching instituting the very things the Lord God “Jesus” showed Ezekiel, “were abominations to Himself.”

        (Ezekiel 8:6-18; He, ’the Lord God’ said to me, “Son of man, do you see what they are doing – the great abominations that the people of Israel are practicing here, to drive Me far from My sanctuary? But you will see greater abominations than these!” He brought me to the entrance of the court, and as I watched, I noticed a hole in the wall. He said to me, “Son of man, dig into the wall.” So I dug into the wall and discovered a doorway. (9) He said to me, “Go in and see the evil abominations they are practicing here.” So I went in and looked. I noticed every figure of creeping thing and beast – detestable images – and every idol of the house of Israel, engraved on the wall all around. Seventy men from the elders of the house of Israel (with Jaazaniah son of Shaphan standing among them) each with a censer in his hand, and fragrant vapors from a cloud of incense were swirling upward.

      (12-15; He said to me, “Do you see, son of man, what the elders of the house of Israel are doing in the dark, each in the chamber of his idolatrous images? For they think, ‘The Lord does not see us! The Lord has abandoned the land!’” He said to me, “You will see them practicing even greater abominations!” Then He brought me to the entrance of the north gate of the Lord’s house. I noticed women sitting there weeping for Tammuz. He said to me, “Do you see this, son of man? You will see even greater abominations than these!”

       (16-18; Then He brought me to the inner court of the Lord’s house. Right there at the entrance to the Lord’s temple, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs to the Lord’s temple, facing east – they were worshiping the sun toward the east! He said to me, “Do you see, son of man? Is it a trivial thing that the house of Judah commits these abominations they are practicing here? For they have filled the land with violence and provoked Me to anger still further. Look, they are putting the branch to their nose! Therefore I will act with fury! My eye will not pity them nor will I spare them. When they have shouted in My ears, I will not listen to them.”)

        How is it that people believe in a god that’s not the architect of His creation, “One knowing the beginning and ending of His preplanning?”

      Years before the Son of God ‘Jesus’ came in the flesh, “revealing God the Father and Himself” He had His prophet Amos write about Israel’s conditions in the world, “prior to the Messiah’s second coming.” AND in chapter 9:11-15 telling of God’s restoring them.

        After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, He revealed more detail about Satan’s influence through His apostles. Culprit, “Satan” is effectively leading this world’s governments in their efforts to disprove God’s creation and planning. Let’s review His word through His apostle Paul again.

       (2Cor 4:1-6; “Therefore, since we “apostles” have this ministry, just as God has shown us mercy, we do not become discouraged. But we have rejected shameful hidden deeds, not behaving with deceptiveness or distorting the word of God, but by open proclamation of the truth we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience before God. (3) But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled only to those who are perishing, among whom the god of this age has blinded the minds of those who do not believe so they would not see the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God. For we do not proclaim ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your slaves for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said “Let light shine out of darkness,” is the One who shined in our hearts to give us the light of the glorious knowledge of God in the face of Christ.”)

       God has been allowing the god of this age, “Satan’s” deceptiveness since Adam and Eve and will until Jesus’ second coming. God allows His chosen people to understand, the glorious gospel “good news” of Christ. Jesus’ light shining through the darkness to His chosen, who are given knowledge of God AND “Satan’s successes in deceiving the whole world.” This was prophesied to increase until the end of this age. Thus Amos’s prophecy.

       (Amos 8:11-14; ““Be certain of this, the time is coming,” says the sovereign Lord, “when I will send a famine through the land – not a shortage of food or water, but an end to divine revelation! People will stagger from sea to sea, and from the north around to the east. They will wander about looking for a revelation from the Lord, but they will not find any. In that day your beautiful young women and your young men will faint from thirst, “for truth.” (14)These are the ones who now take oaths in the name of the sinful idol goddess of Samaria. They vow, ‘As surely as your god lives, O Dan,’ or ‘As surely as your beloved one lives, O Beer Sheba!’ But they will fall down and not get up again.”)

(Verse 14 gives the reason for this famine of “revealed knowledge.”

       People have turned to sinful idols, “worshiping god’s of their imagination.”  (They attempt to worship a Jesus of “their imagination.”) They imagine fitting all religions to their god! (O Dan and O Beer Sheba’s god is one that can’t lift up.) Imaginary gods this world has turned to are demonic, “selling traditions practiced by the pagan gentiles throughout the world.” Such practices were never authorized by our Creator. (May we be led to seek our true Creator God, who does lift up His called out ones.) He is the God of truth, the God of Abraham, Moses, the prophets and Jesus’ apostles.

      Until our Creator is revealed individually, “we each are as little gods to ourselves!” (When people think they are capable of choosing what is right, wrong, good and evil for themselves “they are in fact making themselves, ‘little gods.’ We aren’t capable of knowing these things, “in and of ourselves.” We inherited Adam’s nature that looks to the flesh. (A nature that must be changed before we inherit citizenship in God’s kingdom.) OUR creation isn’t complete “in the spiritual sense” until we’re spiritually fathered by God. (ONLY God can make us conscious of our inherited shortcomings and give a desire to think as He thinks.) He gives individuals the mind to know; “only He is pure, righteous and holy.” (In and of ourselves, we look for fleshly human solutions, founded on self serving ideas and for the most part, “ideas from this world’s demonic leader, “Satan.”)

       Jesus is coming back to this earth to rule; “He characterizes His rule to that of King David’s.” God’s time of peace is promised and the faithful are praying; it be soon. (Be mindful, “the deceiver ’Satan’ has many colors,” God allows Satan to do miraculous things and creates havoc in the lives of many. Satan loves causing chaos, confusion and distortions of truths.

       All people groups have bought into Satan’s devices in various degrees. Provocations of war and the blame game “is a small part of Satan’s devises.” Even peace loving people are bribed with monetary gains. God allows this, because people have adopted demonic ways; turning their backs on the Ways God established. (His calendar, commandments, holy times and His definition of good and evil.) Much of what seems right to worldly people come from “Satan leading so called science and so called higher education.” Causing the majority to believe lies and serve the creation rather than the Creator. (See Romans 1:18-31)

       Satan’s play book has been revealed for generations. Prophesied in the writings of God’s prophets. (His prophets and apostles have also reveal the good news, “regarding the outcome.”) Who has the wit to see? Who can help but notice, “a large number of this world’s citizenry have no genuine individual concern in seeking truth?” Most people’s comfort zone is in their blindness! Concerns are for self and theirs: “not others.” Who is blessed to recognize their own inherited selfish fleshly nature? Can’t we see that Jesus’ commanding that we, “love neighbor as self” isn’t natural in our fleshly way of thinking? Can’t we see; “loving others genuinely and unconditionally is a gift?”

       People toss the word, “love” around to the degree that it no longer fits God’s definition. Who understands that we need pureness of speech? Our use of words like, “love” should come from the heart. Jesus taught the following fellowship principle.

       (Matthew 12:33-37. “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is known by its fruit. You offspring of vipers! How are you able to say anything good, since you are evil? For the mouth speaks from what fills the heart. The good person brings good things out of his good treasury and the evil person brings evil things out of his evil treasury. I tell you that on the day of judgment, people will give an account for every worthless word they speak. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”) (King James translation “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”)

      Amos’s prophecy is dated and well documented. Not only does he tell of God’s judgments that have been fulfilled, but others yet to unfold. He identifies himself as a herdsmen from Tekoa. His prophecies about Israel were revealed to him during the time of King Uzziah of Judah and King Jeroboam son of Joash of Israel and two years before a well-known earthquake that occurred during the first half of the 8th century B.C. According to a generally accepted dating system. Amos’ introduction validates the genuine character of his prophetic ministry in at least two ways: (1) Amos was not a native Israelite or a prophet by trade. Rather he was a herdsman in Tekoa, located in Judah. His mere presence in the northern kingdom as a prophet was evidence that he had been called by God (See 7:14-15). (2) The mighty earthquake shortly after Amos’ ministry would have been interpreted as an omen or signal of approaching judgment. The clearest references to the earthquake is, “Amos 1:1 and 9:1, 5.” Evidence of a powerful earthquake has been correlated with a destruction layer at Hazor and other sites. It’s lasting impact is evident by its mention in Zech 14:5 and 2 Chr 26:16-21.

       We plan more from Amos, next study.

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