The Christian Obligation, chapter 22

To: A people desiring to be atOne with God the Father and God the Son “Jesus” “Called to be Spiritual Israelites” 5/28/19, God’s 2nd month 23nd day of Lyyar 5,779 until sunset.

Book Chapter 16

After commanding through Isaiah that Israelites allow the Moabites to live in the land God  said, (Isaiah 16:5 Then a trustworthy king will be established; He will rule in a reliable manner, this one from David’s family, He will be sure to make just decisions

and will be experienced in executing justice.”)

Moab’s pride, arrogance and worship from high places will diminish. (Isaiah 16:12-13; When the Moabites plead with all their might at their high places, and enter their temples to pray, their prayers will be ineffective! This is the message the Lord previously announced about Moab. Now the Lord makes this announcement: “Within exactly three years Moab’s splendor will disappear, along with all her many people; there will be just a few, insignificant survivors left.”

Righteous Judgment for Egypt and Assyria as they look to Israel’s God. .

(Isaiah 19:1-4; Here is a message about Egypt: Look, the Lord rides on a swift-moving cloud and approaches Egypt. The idols of Egypt tremble before Him; the Egyptians lose their courage. “I will provoke civil strife in Egypt, brothers will fight with each other, as will neighbors, cities, and kingdoms. The Egyptians will panic, and I will confuse their strategy. They will seek guidance from the idols and from the spirits of the dead, from the pits used to conjure up underworld spirits, and from the magicians. I will hand Egypt over to a harsh master; a powerful king will rule over them,” says the Sovereign Master, the Lord who commands armies.”)

(Isa 19:11-12; “The officials of Zoan are nothing but fools; Pharaoh’s wise advisers give stupid advice. How dare you say to Pharaoh, “I am one of the sages, one well-versed in the writings of the ancient kings? But where, oh where, are your wise men? Let them tell you, let them find out what the Lord who commands armies has planned for Egypt.”)

(Isa 19:16-17; “At that time the Egyptians will be like women. They will tremble and fear because the Lord who commands armies brandishes His fist against them. The land of Judah will humiliate Egypt. Everyone who hears about Judah will be afraid because of what the Lord who commands armies is planning to do to them.”)

(Isa 19:19-22; “At that time there will be an altar for the Lord in the middle of the land of Egypt, as well as a sacred pillar dedicated to the Lord at its border. It will become a visual reminder in the land of Egypt of the Lord who commands armies. When they cry out to the Lord because of oppressors, He will send them a Deliverer and defender who will rescue them. The Lord will reveal Himself to the Egyptians, and they will acknowledge the Lord’s authority at that time. They will present sacrifices and offerings; they will make vows to the Lord and fulfill them. The Lord will strike Egypt, striking and then healing them. They will turn to the Lord and He will listen to their prayers and heal them.”)

The Egyptians and all people groups who’ve been Israel’s enemies will submit to Israel’s God.

(Isa 19:23-25; At that time there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will visit Egypt and the Egyptians will visit Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. At that time Israel will be the third member of the group, along with Egypt and Assyria and will be a recipient of blessing in the earth. (25) The Lord who commands armies will pronounce a blessing over the earth, saying, “Blessed be My people, Egypt, and the work of My hands, Assyria, and My special possession, Israel!”)

Chapter 22: pertains to Jerusalem, the Valley of Vision, perhaps the Hinnom Valley because of the destruction to take place there. Remember Jesus’ prophecy at Matthew 24. A people who don’t belong occupy for a time.

Isaiah 22:5-13; For the Sovereign Master, the Lord who commands armies, has planned a day of panic, defeat, and confusion. In the Valley of Vision people shout and cry out to the hill. The Elamites picked up the quiver, and came with chariots and horsemen; the men of Kir, (People from the direction of Mesopotamia; see Amos 1:5; 9:7) prepared the shield. Your very best valleys were full of chariots; horsemen confidently took their positions at the gate. They removed the defenses of Judah. At that time you looked for the weapons in the House of the Forest. You saw the many breaks in the walls of the city of David; you stored up water in the lower pool. (10) You counted the houses in Jerusalem, and demolished houses so you could have material to reinforce the wall. You made a reservoir between the two walls for the water of the old pool – but you did not trust in the one who made it; you did not depend on the one who formed it long ago! (12) At that time the Sovereign Master, the Lord who commands armies, called for weeping and mourning, for shaved heads and sackcloth.”)

(Isa 22:13; “But look, there is outright celebration! You ‘Elimites’ say, “Kill the ox and slaughter the sheep, eat meat and drink wine. Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”

(Isa 22:14-18; The Lord who commands armies told me this: “Certainly this sin will not be forgiven as long as you live,” says the Sovereign Master, the Lord who commands armies. This is what the Sovereign Master, the Lord who commands armies, says:

“Go visit this administrator, Shebna, who supervises the palace, and tell him: ‘What right do you have to be here? What relatives do you have buried here? Why do you chisel out a tomb for yourself here? He chisels out his burial site in an elevated place, he carves out his tomb on a cliff. (17) Look, the Lord will throw you far away, you mere man!

He will wrap you up tightly. He will wind you up tightly into a ball and throw you into a wide, open land. There you will die, and there with you will be your impressive chariots, which bring disgrace to the house of your master.”)

(Isa 22:19-24; I will remove you from your office; you will be thrown down from your position. “At that time I will summon My servant Eliakim, son of Hilkiah. I will put your robe on him, tie your belt around him, and transfer your authority to him. He will become a protector of the residents of Jerusalem and of the people of Judah. (22) I will place the key to the house of David on His shoulder. When He opens the door, no one can close it; when He closes the door, no one can open it. (23) I will fasten Him like a peg into a solid place; He will bring honor and respect to His father’s family. His father’s family will gain increasing prominence because of Him, including the offspring and the offshoots. All the small containers, including the bowls and all the jars will hang from this peg.’”) Eliakim’s position of honor will bring benefits and jobs to many others in the family.)

(Isa 22:25- “At that time,” says the Lord who commands armies, “the peg fastened into a solid place will come loose. It will be cut off and fall, and the load hanging on it will be cut off.” Indeed, the Lord has spoken.”)

Satan attempts to be our and God’s obstacle. He knows scripture and was aware of God’s calling a Deliverer about time of Moses’ birth and inspired the Pharaoh to kill Israelite boy babies. When about time for Jesus’ birth Satan inspired  Caesar Augustus to have Israelite boy babies killed. But nothing can thwart God’s planning. Satan will inspire nations to fight against Jesus’ return, knowing that his time about up.

(Isaiah 14:24-27; The Lord who commands armies makes this solemn vow: “Be sure of this: Just as I have intended, so it will be; just as I have planned, it will happen. I will break Assyria in My land, I will trample them underfoot on My hills. Their yoke will be removed from My people, the burden will be lifted from their shoulders. This is the plan I have devised for the whole earth; My hand is ready to strike all the nations.” Indeed, the Lord who commands armies has a plan, and who can possibly frustrate it? His hand is ready to strike, and who can possibly stop it?”)

(Isaiah 2:10-17; Go up into the rocky cliffs, hide in the ground. Get away from the dreadful judgment of the Lord, from His royal splendor! (11) Proud men will be brought low, arrogant men will be humiliated; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. Indeed, the Lord who commands armies has planned a day of judgment, for all the high and mighty, for all who are proud – they will be humiliated; for all the cedars of Lebanon,

that are so high and mighty, for all the oaks of Bashan; (Symbol for powerful men who think of themselves as prominent and secure.) (High mountains and hills symbolize the apparent security of proud men, as do the high tower and fortified cities.) (14) for all the tall mountains, for all the high hills, for every high tower, for every fortified wall, for all the large ships, for all the impressive ships. Proud men will be humiliated, arrogant men will be brought low; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.”)

(Isaiah 2:18-22; The worthless idols will be completely eliminated. People will go into caves in the rocky cliffs and into holes in the ground, trying to escape the dreadful judgment of the Lord And His royal splendor, when He rises up to terrify the earth. At that time men will throw their silver and gold idols, which they made for themselves to worship, into the caves where rodents and bats live, so they themselves can go into the crevices of the rocky cliffs and the openings under the rocky overhangs, trying to escape the dreadful judgment of the Lord and His royal splendor, when He rises up to terrify the earth. (22) Stop trusting in human beings, whose life’s breath is in their nostrils. For why should they be given special consideration?”)

The plan reveled to John and Isaiah.

(Revelations 20:4-6; Then I saw thrones and seated on them were those who had been given authority to judge. I also saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of the testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. These had not worshiped the beast or his image and had refused to receive his mark on their forehead or hand. They came to life ’was resurrected’  and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were finished.) This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is the one who takes part in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with Him for a thousand years.”

(Israel’s disgrace removed, mountain represents the Kingdom of God and Moab “paganism.”)

(Isaiah 25:6-12; The Lord who commands armies will hold a banquet for all the nations on this mountain. At this banquet there will be plenty of meat and aged wine – tender meat and choicest wine. On this mountain He will swallow up the shroud that is over all the peoples, the woven covering that is over all the nations; He will swallow up death permanently. The sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from every face, and remove His people’s disgrace from all the earth.”

Indeed, the Lord has announced it! (9) At that time they will say, “Look, here is our God! We waited for Him and He delivered us. Here is the Lord! We waited for Him.

Let’s rejoice and celebrate His deliverance!” For the Lord’s power will make this mountain secure.”

Moab will be trampled down where it stands, as a heap of straw is trampled down in a manure pile. Moab will spread out its hands in the middle of it, just as a swimmer spreads his hands to swim; the Lord will bring down Moab’s pride as it spreads its hands. (12) The fortified city (along with the very tops of your walls) He will knock down, He will bring it down, He will throw it down to the dusty ground.”)

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