God’s Grace, Mercy and Love, chapter 10

March 26, 2,020. God’s 1st Month, Nisan 1, year 5,789

To: 24,481  “In Resident Churches of God” people called to be ‘atOne’ with Him.

Observe God’s calendar ‘see His New Moon’ today. It’s God’s first month with His first of three holy seasons. Passover is on the 14th of Nisan, and parallels April l 7 at sunset. Remember God’s days start and end at sunsets. The 15th and 22nd of Nisan are Annual Sabbaths, concluding His first holy season. The Passover season always looked forward to, ‘foreshadowing’ putting sin away. Passover season looks back and forward to Jesus remitting our sins. His followers immersing and clothing themselves in Jesus. It was hostility toward God when people changed Jesus’ Passover sacraments and instituted pagan ones from the ‘goddess of fertility.’ Our English dictionary define sacraments: (In the Protestant Churches, sacraments are baptism and Communion. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox include penance, confirmation, holy orders, matrimony, and the anointing of the sick.) (The so called Christian Easter attempts to mark Jesus’ resurrection on the Sunday following the full moon on or after March 21.)

Societies have evolved to ‘right intent becoming a mockery.’

Followers of Jesus, “particularly in lands where the Holy Bible once decorated tables in most western nation homes” are embarrassed by our courts, politicians and clergy’s hijacking God’s Word, Jesus’ moral teachings and the original intent of the USA’S constitution. Jesus’ followers know the culprit is Satan, he inspires anti-God attitudes and abominable to God practices resulting in this latter age’s moral declines Jesus warned about. Godly morals and condoning practices God’s Word clearly defines as abominable to Him gives ammunition to self righteous radical religious thinking. A question all should be asking; “will God use radicalized nations to punish the immoral conduct of a people that should know better?” It has happened before.

Infidel simply means “unbeliever.” The many self righteous radicalized people groups correctly call all who have turned from biblical values, “infidels.” The Holy Scriptures identify a believers as “one believing IN God.” Christian and many evangelicals define a believer as “one practicing the moral values Jesus taught.” For years we’ve attempted to define the difference between, “believing IN opposed to believing that.” (A belief that Jesus lived is acceptable to the religious evangelicals for the most part.) God the Father and God the Son require a revealed, “belief IN” in order to “worship in spirit and truth.” Which is a ‘believing IN’ the truths presented in the Holy Scriptures’ original language.

Court officials, politicians, clerics and individuals who think homosexuality and same sex marriage is acceptable to God and condoned by the US constitution are hostile unbelievers. Most officials even swear to uphold the US constitution with their hands on God’s Holy Book.

Today we’re seeing an attempt to bring the three major religions ‘professing a heritage in Abraham’ together for the purpose of standing against radicalization - terrorism. But the holy scriptures teach that a lasting peace produced by man is not on the horizon. Mostly to Jacob’s heirs God had Isaiah and Jeremiah write.

(Isaiah 58:1-3; “Shout loudly! Don’t be quiet! Yell as loud as a trumpet! Confront My people with their rebellious deeds; confront Jacob’s family with their sin! They seek Me day after day; they want to know My requirements, like a nation that does what is right and does not reject the law of their God. They ask Me for just decrees; they want to be near God. (3) They lament, ‘Why don’t You notice when we fast? Why don’t You pay attention when we humble ourselves?’ Look, at the same time you fast, you satisfy your selfish desires, you oppress your workers.”

(Isa 58:4-5; Look, your fasting is accompanied by arguments, brawls, and fistfights. Do not fast as you do today, trying to make your voice heard in heaven. Is this really the kind of fasting I want? Do I want a day when people merely humble themselves, bowing their heads like a reed and stretching out on sackcloth and ashes? Is this really what you call a fast, a day that is pleasing to the Lord?”

(Isa 58:6-7; “No, this is the kind of fast I want. I want you to remove the sinful chains, to tear away the ropes of the burdensome yoke, to set free the oppressed, and to break every burdensome yoke. I want you to share your food with the hungry and to provide shelter for homeless, oppressed people. When you see someone naked, clothe him! Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!”

(Isa 58:8-12; “Then your light will shine like the sunrise; your restoration will quickly arrive; your godly behavior will go before you, and the Lord’s splendor will be your rear guard. Then you will call out, and the Lord will respond; you will cry out, and He will reply, ‘Here I am.’ You must remove the burdensome yoke from among you and stop pointing fingers and speaking sinfully. You must actively help the hungry and feed the oppressed.” Then your light will dispel the darkness, and your darkness will be transformed into noonday. (11) The Lord will continually lead you; He will feed you even in parched regions. He will give you renewed strength, and you will be like a well watered garden, like a spring that continually produces water. Your perpetual ruins will be rebuilt; you will reestablish the ancient foundations. You will be called, ‘The one who repairs broken walls, the one who makes the streets inhabitable again.’”

(Isa 58:13-15; “You must observe the Sabbath rather than doing anything you please on My holy day. You must look forward to the Sabbath and treat the Lord’s holy day with respect. You must treat it with respect by refraining from your normal activities, and by refraining from your selfish pursuits and from making business deals. Then you will find joy in your relationship to the Lord, and I will give you great prosperity, and cause crops to grow on the land I gave to your ancestor Jacob.” Know for certain that the Lord has spoken.”) As always study the whole.

Only when the Lord intervenes will peace come.

(Isaiah 59:16-20; “He, ‘the Lord’ sees there is no advocate; He is shocked that no one intervenes. So he takes matters into His own hands; His desire for justice drives Him on. He wears His desire for justice like body armor, and His desire to deliver is like a helmet on His head. He puts on the garments of vengeance and wears zeal like a robe. (18) He repays them for what they have done, dispensing angry judgment to His adversaries and punishing His enemies. He repays the coastlands. (19) In the west, people respect the Lord’s reputation; in the east they recognize His splendor. For He comes like a rushing stream driven on by wind sent from the Lord. (20) “A Protector comes to Zion, to those in Jacob who repent of their rebellious deeds,” says the Lord.”   (In His planned time God does it all.)

(Isa 59:21- “As for Me, this is My promise to them,” says the Lord. “My spirit, who is upon you, and My words, which I have placed in your mouth, will not depart from your mouth or from the mouths of your children and descendants from this time forward,” says the Lord.”)

Our hat’s off to people desiring to make peace, but lasting peace can only come when God intervenes, binds Satan and changes self serving fleshly nature.

(Jeremiah 21:11-14; “The Lord told me to say to the royal court of Judah, “Listen to what the Lord says, O royal family descended from David. The Lord says: ‘See to it that people each day are judged fairly. Deliver those who have been robbed from those who oppress them. Otherwise, My wrath will blaze out against you. It will burn like a fire that cannot be put out because of the evil that you have done. (13) Listen, you who sit enthroned above the valley on a rocky plateau. I am opposed to you,’ says the Lord. ‘You boast, “No one can swoop down on us. No one can penetrate into our places of refuge.” (14) But I will punish you as your deeds deserve, ’says the Lord. ‘I will set fire to your palace; it will burn up everything around it.’”)

(Self righteous leaders can’t bring peace.)

(Jeremiah 23:16-17; “The Lord who rules over all says to the people of Jerusalem: “Do not listen to what those prophets are saying to you. They are filling you with false hopes. They are reporting visions of their own imaginations, not something the Lord has given them to say. They continually say to those who reject what the Lord has said, ‘Things will go well for you!’ They say to all those who follow the stubborn inclinations of their own hearts, ‘Nothing bad will happen to you!’

(Jer 23:18-20; Yet which of them has ever stood in the Lord’s inner circle so they could see and hear what He has to say? Which of them have ever paid attention or listened to what He has said? But just watch! The wrath of the Lord will come like a storm! Like a raging storm it will rage down on the heads of those who are wicked. (20) The anger of the Lord will not turn back until He has fully carried out His intended purposes. In days to come you people will come to understand this clearly.”

(Jer 23:21-24; I did not send those prophets. Yet they were in a hurry to give their message. I did not tell them anything. Yet they prophesied (taught) anyway. But if they had stood in My inner circle, they would have proclaimed My message to My people. They would have caused My people to turn from their wicked ways and stop doing the evil things they are doing.” “Do you people think that I am some local deity and not the transcendent God?” the Lord asks. “Do you really think anyone can hide himself where I cannot see him?” the Lord asks. “Do you not know that I am everywhere?” the Lord asks.”

(Jer 23:25-27; “The Lord says, “I have heard what those prophets who are prophesying lies in My name are saying. They are saying, ‘I have had a dream! I have had a dream!’ Those prophets are just prophesying lies. They are prophesying the delusions of their own minds. How long will they go on plotting to make My people forget who I am through the dreams they tell one another? That is just as bad as what their ancestors did when they forgot who I am by worshiping the god Baal.“

(Jer 23:28-31; “Let the prophet who has had a dream go ahead and tell his dream. Let the person who has received My message report that message faithfully. What is like straw cannot compare to what is like grain! I, the Lord, affirm it! My message is like a fire that purges dross! It is like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces! I, the Lord, so affirm it! So I, the Lord, affirm that I am opposed to those prophets who steal messages from one another that they claim are from Me. I, the Lord, affirm that I am opposed to those prophets who are using their own tongues to declare, ‘The Lord declares….’ (32-34; “I, the Lord, affirm that I am opposed to those prophets who dream up lies and report them. They are misleading My people with their reckless lies. I did not send them. I did not commission them. They are not helping these people at all. I, the Lord, affirm it!” “The Lord said to me, “Jeremiah, when one of these people, or a prophet, or a priest asks you, ‘What burdensome message do you have from the Lord?’ Tell them, ‘You are the burden, and I will cast you away. I, the Lord, affirm it! I will punish any prophet, priest, or other person who says “The Lord’s message is burdensome.” I will punish both that person and his whole family.’”

(Jer 23:35-40; “So I, Jeremiah, tell you, “Each of you people should say to his friend or his relative, ‘How did the Lord answer? Or what did the Lord say?’ You must no longer say that the Lord’s message is burdensome. For what is ‘burdensome’ really pertains to what a person himself says. You are misrepresenting the words of our God, the living God, the Lord who rules over all. (37) Each of you should merely ask the prophet, ‘What answer did the Lord give you? Or what did the Lord say?’ But just suppose you continue to say, ‘The message of the Lord is burdensome.’ Here is what the Lord says will happen: ‘I sent word to you that you must not say, “The Lord’s message is burdensome.” But you used the words “The Lord’s message is burdensome” anyway. So I will carry you far off and throw you away. I will send both you and the city I gave to you and to your ancestors out of My sight. I will bring on you lasting shame and lasting disgrace which will never be forgotten!’”)

Governments, politicians and clerics attempting to bring about a divided peace are ultimately playing into Satan’s demonic delusions.

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