Genesis and the New Covenant, chapter 47

To: The Family of God, “people being made temples of His spirit” God’s Church  9/19/18, God’s 7th month, Tishrel 10/ 5779 until sunset.

      Almighty God our Father and Lord God Jesus: please give us the love and patience we need for steadfastness to the end; knowing You’re not slack in keeping promises. Make us continuously mindful that our bodies are temples of Your Holy Spirit. Bless us with knowing faith in Your promises, planning and to live Jesus’ example. We ask in Your holy name. AMEN.

      This world’s populations are kept spiritually ignorant by Satan’s influence on religions and educators. Knowledge of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, major and minor prophets and Jesus’ apostles being chosen for God’s purpose isn’t acknowledged. In this age of spiritual ignorance God’s promises to spiritual and physical Israelites are forgotten. God will yet resurrect His chosen, “they will be examples to the world and inherit the lands promised Abraham. Unbelievers aren’t yet led to consider God’s awesomeness and preplanning because He hasn’t revealed Himself. They don’t understand because as Jesus said; “you aren’t My sheep.” Believers IN God know He is the Alpha and Omega.

      How long prior to Joseph’s birth, “do you think God planned his Egyptian adventure?” Could He have planned it before the foundation of the world? He did! Proving Himself, God planned and announced Israel’s stay in Egypt to the very day! (“Now the length of time the Israelites lived in Egypt was 430 years. At the end of the 430 years, on the VERY day, all the regiments of the Lord went out of the land of Egypt. It was a night of vigil for the Lord to bring them out from the land of Egypt, and so on this night all Israel is to keep the vigil to the Lord for generations to come.” Exodus 12:40-42)

      (Remember “Israel means, God fights or God fights for”) Their preplanned departure was on the 14th day of God’s first month “Nisan” and before the foundation of the world. Likewise Jesus would shed His blood on the 14th of Nisan. Thus Jesus’ tomb was found empty, “morning of the 18th.” How awesome to be gifted with the desire to believe IN our Creator! To think puny mankind would make and use a different calendar than the one holy to God is without question the height of hostile arrogance! To believers this “proves the degree folks will go to honor pagan gods.”

      Jacob and Joseph knew that they were chosen servants of the Most High. Tools in His hand, as are all who are led to be Believers IN.

      (Genesis 47:5-10; Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Your father and your brothers have come to you. The land of Egypt is before you; settle your father and your brothers in the best region of the land. They may live in the land of Goshen. If you know of any highly capable men among them, put them in charge of my livestock.” (7) Then Joseph brought in his father Jacob and presented him before Pharaoh. Jacob blessed Pharaoh. Pharaoh said to Jacob, “How long have you lived?” Jacob said to Pharaoh, “All the years of my travels are 130. All the years of my life have been few and painful; the years of my travels are not as long as those of my ancestors.” (10) Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh and went out from his presence.”) Israel and Joseph were God’s witnesses to Pharaoh and Believers IN.

      (Jacob could have told the Pharaoh of his being a deceiver in his youthful years, about God revealing Himself and his experiences. About Esau’s forgiving and how God allowed him to learn from his deceiving father in law. Jacob considered his length of life, “few and painful.”

      (Genesis 47:11-19; So Joseph settled his father and his brothers. He gave them territory in the land of Egypt, in the best region of the land, the land of Rameses, just as Pharaoh had commanded. Joseph also provided food for his father, his brothers and all his father’s household, according to the number of their little children. (13) But there was no food in all the land because the famine was very severe; the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan wasted away because of the famine. Joseph collected all the money that could be found in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan as payment for the grain they were buying. Then Joseph brought the money into Pharaoh’s palace. When the money from the lands of Egypt and Canaan was used up, all the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, “Give us food! Why should we die before your very eyes because our money has run out?”

     16-19; Then Joseph said, “If your money is gone, bring your livestock, and I will give you food in exchange for your livestock.” So they brought their livestock to Joseph, and Joseph gave them food in exchange for their horses, the livestock of their flocks and herds, and their donkeys. He got them through that year by giving them food in exchange for livestock. (18) When that year was over, they came to him the next year and said to him, “We cannot hide from our lord that the money is used up and the livestock and the animals belong to our lord. Nothing remains before our lord except our bodies and our land. Why should we die before your very eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land in exchange for food, and we, with our land, will become Pharaoh’s slaves. Give us seed that we may live and not die. Then the land will not become desolate.”)

       TOTAL reliance on Joseph as a physical savior became the Israelites & Egyptians only choice. Believers IN are led spiritually to yield totally on Jesus as our Savior, Creator and Sustainer; mindful that only in Him can we be saved.

      (Genesis 47:20-26; “So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh. Each of the Egyptians sold his field, for the famine was severe. So the land became Pharaoh’s. Joseph made all the people slaves from one end of Egypt’s border to the other end of it. But he did not purchase the land of the priests because the priests had an allotment from Pharaoh and they ate from their allotment that Pharaoh gave them. That is why they did not sell their land. (23) Joseph said to the people, “Since I have bought you and your land today for Pharaoh, here is seed for you. Cultivate the land. When you gather in the crop, give one-fifth of it to Pharaoh, and the rest will be yours for seed for the fields and for you to eat, including those in your households and your little children.” (25) They replied, “You have saved our lives! You are showing us favor, and we will be Pharaoh’s slaves.” (26) So Joseph made it a statute, which is in effect to this day throughout the land of Egypt: One-fifth belongs to Pharaoh. Only the land of the priests did not become Pharaoh’s.”)

       Joseph was allowed to make this statute, as he was spirit led. (20% should be enough for any government to provide lawful protection and administer the needed services to it’s populations.) For our learning; “God allowed the Pharaoh to be as God and Joseph as their redeemer.”

      (Genesis 47:27-31; Israel settled in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen, and they owned land there. They were fruitful and increased rapidly in number. (28) Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years; the years of Jacob’s life were 147 in all. The time for Israel to die approached, so he called for his son Joseph and said to him, “If now I have found favor in your sight, put your hand under my thigh and show me kindness and faithfulness. Do not bury me in Egypt, but when I rest with my fathers, carry me out of Egypt and bury me in their “my father’s” burial place.” Joseph said, “I will do as you say.” (31) Jacob said, “Swear to me that you will do so.” So Joseph gave him his word. Then Israel bowed down at the head of his bed.”) ISRAEL, was mindful that he represented a “set aside” sanctified people. Asking to be taken to Abraham’s burial place demonstrates it.

      (Genesis 48:1-4; After these things Joseph was told, “Your father is weakening.” So he took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim with him. When Jacob was told, “Your son Joseph has just come to you,” Israel regained strength and sat up on his bed. (3) Jacob said to Joseph, “The sovereign God appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan and blessed me. (4) He said to me, ‘I am going to make you fruitful and will multiply you. I will make you into a group of nations, and I will give this land to your descendants as an everlasting possession.’”)

       We know much of that land was given to Israel when God led Joshua to be Israel’s leader and much later under David and Solomon, “but Israel is yet to occupied all the borders promised to Abraham’s heirs. (The question. “Was God leading Jacob and giving him authority to bless; was God blessing and prophesying through him?” Absolutely.

       (Genesis 48:5-16; “Now, as for your two sons, who were born to you in the land of Egypt before I came to you in Egypt, they will be mine. Ephraim and Manasseh will be mine just as Reuben and Simeon are. Any children that you father after them will be yours; they will be listed under the names of their brothers in their inheritance. But as for me, when I was returning from Paddan, Rachel died – to my sorrow – in the land of Canaan. It happened along the way, some distance from Ephrath. So I buried her there on the way to Ephrath” (that is, Bethlehem).

      8-16; When Israel saw Joseph’s sons, he asked, “Who are these?” Joseph said to his father, “They are the sons God has given me in this place.” His father said, “Bring them to me so I may bless them.” Now Israel’s eyes were failing because of his age; he was not able to see well. So Joseph brought his sons near to him, and his father kissed them and embraced them. (11) Israel said to Joseph, “I never expected to see you again, but now God has allowed me to see your children too.” So Joseph moved them from Israel’s knees and bowed down with his face to the ground. (13) Joseph positioned them; he put Ephraim on his right hand across from Israel’s left hand, and Manasseh on his left hand across from Israel’s right hand. Then Joseph brought them closer to his father. (14) Israel stretched out his right hand and placed it on Ephraim’s head, although he was the younger. Crossing his hands, he put his left hand on Manasseh’s head, for Manasseh was the firstborn. (15) Then Israel blessed Joseph and said, “May the God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked – the God who has been my Shepherd all my life long to this day, the Angel who has protected me from all harm – bless these boys. MAY MY NAME BE NAMED ON THEM and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac. May they grow into a multitude on the earth.”)

      Israel is mindful of God’s promises to Abraham and Isaac as well as to himself. NOTE that Israel is also mindful that God used an Angel to protect him. The world has a problem accepting the principle that God chooses whom He will for His planned purpose. Descendents from Ephraim and Manasseh are primarily God’s physical Israel! Followers of Jesus are God’s spiritual Israel.

       Genesis 48:17-22; “When Joseph saw that his father placed his right hand on Ephraim’s head, it displeased him. So he took his father’s hand to move it from Ephraim’s head to Manasseh’s head. Joseph said to his father, “Not so, my father, for this is the firstborn. Put your right hand on his head.” (19) But his father refused and said, “I know, my son, I know. He too will become a nation and he too will become great. In spite of this, his younger brother will be even greater and his descendants will become a multitude of nations.” (20) So he blessed them that day, saying, “By you will Israel bless, saying, ‘May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh.’” So he put Ephraim before Manasseh. Then Israel said to Joseph, “I am about to die, but God will be with you and will bring you “YOUR descendents” back to the land of your fathers. (back to Bethlehem area) (22) As one who is above your brothers, I give to you the mountain slope, which I took from the Amorites with my sword and my bow.”)

      CONSIDER the time - the number of years that would pass before God made MOSES, their deliverer under Jesus.

       We Believers IN, “Christians” need to encourage one another as we remember “a thousand years is as one day with God.” He kept His promise to Abraham and delivered the Israelites; demonstrating His power and that He keeps promises. Remember Paul’s words; “Christians are heirs with Abraham.” Galatians 3:29.

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