Genesis and the New Covenant, chapter 48

To: The Family of God, “people being made temples of His spirit” God’s Church  9/21/18, God’s 7th month, Tishrel 12/5779 until sunset.

      Spiritual understanding is gifted, as is a spiritual rebirth. We can’t be begotten of God, “born again” by choice nor by having the wit to join the right denomination: “anymore than we could have chosen our parents.”         

Christian example to family and community is to practice Christ like ways. That is, Christians can’t go along to get along for advantage in worldly communities. People gifted to understand must follow Jesus’ examples, “or remain cowards.” Two such cowards repented and came forward to care for Jesus’ body after His death.

      (John 19:39-40; “After this, Joseph of Arimathea, a disciple of Jesus (but secretly, because he feared the Jewish leaders), asked Pilate if he could remove the body of Jesus. Pilate gave him permission, so he went and took the body away. Nicodemus, the man who had previously come to Jesus at night, accompanied Joseph, carrying a mixture of myrrh and aloes weighing about seventy-five pounds. Then they took Jesus’ body and wrapped it, with the aromatic spices, in strips of linen cloth according to Jewish burial customs.”)

      Satan has convinced denominations and individuals that it’s okay to practice “their own faith - what’s truth to themselves” which is one of his lies. (All left to themselves without God’s revelations, “practice what seems right to their fleshly minds.”) It’s idolatry to choose your religion, as is bowing to statues. Whole people groups and nations are victims of Satan’s divisionary deceptions. (Jesus used and inspired His prophets to use water “as a metaphor for spiritual truth” AND milk for His truth’s simplicity. Consider Isaiah 55: compare with Jesus’ Words recorded in the gospels and Revelations.

      (Isa 55:1-13; “Hey, all who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come! Buy and eat! Come! Buy wine and milk without money and without cost! Why pay money for something that will not nourish you? Why spend your hard-earned money on something that will not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me and eat what is nourishing! Enjoy fine food! (3) Pay attention and come to Me! Listen, so you can live! Then I will make an unconditional covenantal promise to you, just like the reliable covenantal promises I made to David. Look, I made David a witness to nations, a ruler and commander of nations.” (Prophecy are so sure, they’re stated in the past tense.)

      5-13; Look, you ‘Israelites’ will summon nations you did not previously know; nations that did not previously know you will run to you, because of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, for God bestows honor on you. (6) Seek the Lord while He makes Himself available; call to Him while He is nearby! (7) The wicked need to abandon their lifestyle and sinful people their plans. They should return to the Lord, and He will show mercy to them, and to their god, for He will freely forgive them. (8) “Indeed, My plans are not like your plans, and My deeds are not like your deeds, for just as the sky is higher than the earth, so My deeds are superior to your deeds and My plans superior to your plans. The rain and snow fall from the sky and do not return, but instead water the earth and make it produce and yield crops, and provide seed for the planter and food for those who must eat. (11) In the same way, the promise that I make does not return to Me, having accomplished nothing. No, it is realized as I desire and is fulfilled as I intend.” Indeed you will go out with joy; you will be led along in peace; the mountains and hills will give a joyful shout before you, and all the trees in the field will clap their hands. Evergreens will grow in place of thorn bushes, firs will grow in place of nettles; they will be a monument to the Lord, a permanent reminder that will remain.”)

      David has not, nor we in this physical life, inherited all God’s promises. Long before David, God preplanned Jacob’s heirs life and revealed the future of his descendents. One of Israel’s descendents is David.

      (Genesis 49:1-27; “Jacob called for his sons and said, “Gather together so I can tell you what will happen to you in the future. “Assemble and listen, you sons of Jacob; listen to Israel, your father.

      (3) Reuben, you are my firstborn, my might and the beginning of my strength, outstanding in dignity, outstanding in power. You are destructive like water and will not excel, for you got on your father’s bed, then you defiled it – he got on my couch!

      (5) Simeon and Levi are brothers, weapons of violence are their knives! O my soul, do not come into their council, do not be united to their assembly, my heart, for in their anger they have killed men, and for pleasure they have hamstrung oxen. Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce, and their fury, for it was cruel. I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel!

      (8) Judah, your brothers will praise you. Your hand will be on the neck of your enemies, your father’s sons will bow down before you. You are a lion’s cub, Judah, from the prey, my son, you have gone up. He crouches and lies down like a lion; like a lioness – who will rouse him? The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs; the nations will obey him. Binding his foal to the vine, and his colt to the choicest vine, he will wash his garments in wine, his robes in the blood of grapes. His eyes will be dark from wine, and his teeth white from milk.

      (13) Zebulun will live by the haven of the sea and become a haven for ships; his border will extend to Sidon.

      (14) Issachar is a strong-boned donkey lying down between two saddlebags. When he sees a good resting place, and the pleasant land, he will bend his shoulder to the burden and become a slave laborer.

       (16) Dan will judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. May Dan be a snake beside the road, a viper by the path, that bites the heels of the horse so that its rider falls backward. I wait for your deliverance, O Lord.

      (19) Gad will be raided by marauding bands, but he will attack them at their heels.

      (20) Asher’s food will be rich, and he will provide delicacies to royalty.

      (21) Naphtali is a free running doe, he speaks delightful words.

      (22) Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough near a spring whose branches climb over the wall. The archers will attack him, they will shoot at him and oppose him. But his bow will remain steady, and his hands will be skillful; because of the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, because of the God of your father, who will help you, because of the sovereign God, who will bless you with blessings from the sky above, blessings from the deep that lies below, and blessings of the breasts and womb. The blessings of your father are greater than the blessings of the eternal mountains or the desirable things of the age-old hills. They will be on the head of Joseph and on the brow of the prince of his brothers.

      (27) Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; in the morning devouring the prey, and in the evening dividing the plunder.”)

       Many try to decipher these prophecies, I won’t unless they’re revealed. Israel’s  prophesies characterize the strengths and weaknesses of his descendents. Some are playing out already: others after Jesus’ return. It isn’t likely that Israel understood that the twelve gates of New Jerusalem was already named for his sons.

      (Gen 49:28-33; “These are the twelve tribes of Israel. This is what their father said to them when he blessed them. He gave each of them an appropriate blessing.”) Appropriate blessings - judgment, await each of us.

      (Gen 49:29-33; “Then Israel instructed them, “I am about to go to my people. (Hebrew; be gathered) Bury me with my fathers in the cave in the field of Ephron the Hittite. It is the cave in the field of Machpelah, near Mamre in the land of Canaan, which Abraham bought for a burial plot from Ephron the Hittite. There they buried Abraham and his wife Sarah; there they buried Isaac and his wife Rebekah; and there I buried Leah. The field and the cave in it were acquired from the sons of Heth.” When Jacob finished giving these instructions to his sons, he pulled his feet up onto the bed, breathed his last breath, and went to his people.”)

       Followers of Jesus are called, “as was Jacob” we too will be given new names. God also called David, made him a king and prophet, giving him insight about the future and judgment. David writes as we should think.

      (Psalms 28:1-9; “To you, O Lord, I cry out! My Protector, do not ignore me! If You do not respond to me, I will join those who are descending into the grave. Hear my plea for mercy when I cry out to You for help, when I lift my hands toward your holy temple! Do not drag me away with evil men, with those who behave wickedly, who talk so friendly to their neighbors, while they plan to harm them! (4) Pay them back for their evil deeds! Pay them back for what they do! Punish them! For they do not understand the Lord’s actions, or the way He carries out justice. The Lord will permanently demolish them. (6) The Lord deserves praise, for He has heard my plea for mercy! The Lord strengthens and protects me; I trust in Him with all my heart. I am rescued and my heart is full of joy; I will sing to Him in gratitude. The Lord strengthens His people; He protects and delivers His chosen king. Deliver Your people! Empower the nation that belongs to You! Care for them like a shepherd and carry them in Your arms at all times!”)

       (Genesis 50:1-9; “Then Joseph hugged his father’s face. He wept over him and kissed him. Joseph instructed the physicians in his service to embalm his father, so the physicians embalmed Israel. (3) They took forty days, for that is the full time needed for embalming. The Egyptians mourned for him seventy days. When the days of mourning had passed, Joseph said to Pharaoh’s royal court, “If I have found favor in your sight, please say to Pharaoh, ‘My father made me swear an oath. He said, “I am about to die. Bury me in my tomb that I dug for myself there in the land of Canaan.” Now let me go and bury my father; then I will return.’” So Pharaoh said, “Go and bury your father, just as he made you swear to do.” (7) So Joseph went up to bury his father; all Pharaoh’s officials went with him – the senior courtiers of his household, all the senior officials of the land of Egypt, all Joseph’s household, his brothers, and his father’s household. But they left their little children and their flocks and herds in the land of Goshen. (9) Chariots and horsemen also went up with him, so it was a very large entourage.”)

      These are the Lord God Jesus’ inspired Words, “recorded by Moses.” His callings and covenant promises are living truths that fits “square with” Jesus’ teaching and the New Covenant. We plan to consider Jesus’ word through Paul on this subject, next study.

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