Way revealed to Abraham, Moses & Jesus’ apostles, chapter 22

To: In Home churches of God, God’s 7th month Tishrei 10, 5,781. 9/30/2020

    Apostasy is the renunciation of the faith our Lord’s brother Jude was compelled to write about. All but followers of Jesus had gone away from God long before Jesus came as the Light to call out a chosen spiritual people for His own and now Jude saw a renunciation of Jesus’ good news taking place in the church. Each apostle spoke of imposters attempting to lead people by manifesting themselves as angels of light, but Jude saw the making of a more camouflaged system. People changing times, twisting Jesus’ words, make Him out to be one opposed to the law and accepting paganism. Thus today the whole world looks to a pagan calendar. Jesus ask the question, ‘will He find faith on earth?’ (Luke 18:7-8; Won’t God give justice to His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night? Will He delay long to help them? I tell you, He will give them justice speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?“) So for the Elect’s sake He’ll cut time short. (Matt 24:22; And if those days had not been cut short, no one would be saved. But for the sake of the Elect those days will be cut short.)

    Remember many are called but few chosen. See Matt 22:14. Why would that be? Many reasons, but it’s also the reason God set aside particular times for worship and reflect on life’s purpose. Without Sabbaths all religions evolve to this world’s system of things.  

     By God’s calling and fathering people are born from above. By His fathering people become literal children, inherit eternal life and become heirs with Abraham through Jesus. His disciplines, His children are kept on His Potter’s wheel for training and shaping to the image of His Firstborn. Making His chosen people at one with Himself, even as Jesus is AT ONE and obedient to the will of His Father. When Jesus’ apostle Paul was coaching God’s church at Corinth about judging between themselves rather than taking one another to courts, he shared the following.

   (1Cor 6:2-3; Or do you not know that the Saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you not competent to settle trivial suits? Do you not know that we will judge angels? Why not ordinary matters?)

     When Jesus was creating angelic beings He and His Father were planning our physical and spiritual creations. His planning had purpose beyond our imagination. Making humankind in His likeness - image and ultimately in His spiritual likeness. He was designing His family to ultimately rule with Jesus.

    It’s shared in His Holy Word that about one third of His created angelic beings followed Lucifer’s rebellion. Seemingly the serpent, the old devil who became Lucifer, knew of God’s planning when he was tempting Eve to make a choice to be disobedient. Most of Satan’s lies do have a smattering of truth. Let’s review.

    (Gen 3:5; Satan said to Eve, for God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will open and you will be like divine beings who know good and evil.) Satan knew knowledge concerning right, wrong, good and evil would only be through obedience to Creator Jesus’ Way. Satan knew mankind’s nature is such that a nature change would be necessary to be created in God’s spiritual likeness. He knew how to tempt people’s humanity, such as today’s clergy who decide for themselves and entice a following. Satan planned all along to present himself and his followers as angels of light, professing to follow God while actually following their own imaginations. On this subject God has the following to say through His prophet Isaiah.

     (Isaiah 41:21-29; Present your argument, says the Lord. Produce your evidence says Jacob’s king. Consider Israel’s king, who He fights for, spiritual Israelites? “Let them produce evidence! Let them tell us what will happen! Tell us about your earlier predictive oracles, so we may examine them and see how they were fulfilled. Or decree for us some future events! Predict how future events will turn out, so we might know you are gods. Yes, do something good or bad, so we might be frightened and in awe. Look, you are nothing, and your accomplishments are nonexistent; the one who chooses to worship you is disgusting. I have stirred up one out of the north and he advances, one from the eastern horizon who prays in My name. He steps on rulers as if they were clay, like a potter treading the clay.” Who decreed this from the beginning, so we could know? Who announced it ahead of time, so we could say, ‘He’s correct?’ Indeed, none of them decreed it! Indeed, none of them announced it! Indeed, no one heard You say anything!

    I first decreed to Zion, ‘Look, here’s what will happen!’ I sent a herald to Jerusalem. I look, but there is no one among them there is no one who serves as an adviser, that I might ask questions and receive answers. Look, all of them are nothing, their accomplishments are nonexistent; their metal images lack any real substance.)

    Like religions in this age, Israelites wanted to be popular with neighbor nations and be condoning toward their gods. God challenges unbelievers through Jeremiah likewise. Likewise today’s clergy saying “just believe and be saved.”

   (Jeremiah 7:1-7; The Lord said to Jeremiah: “Stand in the gate of the Lord’s temple and proclaim this message: ‘Listen, all you people of Judah who have passed through these gates to worship the Lord. Hear what the Lord has to say. The Lord God of Israel who rules over all says: Change the way you have been living and do what is right. If you do, I will allow you to continue to live in this land. Stop putting your confidence in the false belief that says, “We are safe! The temple of the Lord is here! The temple of the Lord is here! The temple of the Lord is here!” You must change the way you have been living and do what is right. You must treat one another fairly. Stop oppressing foreigners who live in your land, children who have lost their fathers, and women who have lost their husbands. Stop killing innocent people in this land. Stop paying allegiance to other gods. That will only bring about your ruin. If you stop doing these things, I will allow you to continue to live in this land which I gave to your ancestors as a lasting possession.

    (Jeremiah 7: 8-11; But just look at you! You are putting your confidence in a false belief that will not deliver you. You steal, You murder, You commit adultery, You lie when you swear on oath, You sacrifice to the god Baal. You pay allegiance to other gods whom you have not previously known. Then you come and stand in My presence in this temple I have claimed as My own and say, “We are safe!” You think you are so safe that you go on doing all those hateful sins! Do you think this temple I have claimed as My own is to be a hideout for robbers? You had better take note! I have seen for Myself what you have done! says the Lord.”)

    The first paragraph tells us why this world’s religions honor pagan times more than God’s Sabbaths.

      (Jer 7:12-15; So, go to the place in Shiloh where I allowed Myself to be worshiped in the early days. See what I did to it because of the wicked things My people Israel did. You also have done all these things, says the Lord, and I have spoken to you over and over again. But you have not listened! You have refused to respond when I called you to repent! So I will destroy this temple which I have claimed as My own, this temple that you are trusting to protect you. I will destroy this place that I gave to you and your ancestors, just like I destroyed Shiloh. And I will drive you out of My sight just like I drove out your relatives, the people of Israel.)

    As do various denominations today, the Israelites erroneously concluded, because the temple of God is here, we can worship gentile gods too.

   (Jeremiah 7:16-20; Then the Lord said, As for you, Jeremiah, do not pray for these people! Do not cry out to Me or petition Me on their behalf! Do not plead with Me to save them, because I will not listen to you. Do you see what they are doing in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? Children are gathering firewood, fathers are building fires with it, and women are mixing dough to bake cakes to offer to the goddess they call the Queen of Heaven. They are also pouring out drink offerings to other gods. They seem to do all this just to trouble Me. But I am not really the one being troubled! says the Lord. Rather they are bringing trouble on themselves to their own shame! So, the Lord God says, “My raging fury will be poured out on this land. It will be poured out on human beings and animals, on trees and crops. And it will burn like a fire which cannot be extinguished.”)

    Does this sound like activities in your community? God is speaking to any people attempting to worship Him while rejecting His Sabbaths. We’re warned that the uncalled will not listen, consider it.

    (Jer 7:21-26; The Lord said to the people of Judah, The Lord God of Israel who rules over all says: ‘You might as well go ahead and add the meat of your burnt offerings to that of the other sacrifices and eat it too! Consider this: When I spoke to your ancestors after I brought them out of Egypt, I did not merely give them commands about burnt offerings and sacrifices. I also explicitly commanded them: “Obey Me. If you do, I will be your God and you will be My people. Live exactly the way I tell you and things will go well with you.” But they did not listen to Me or pay any attention to Me. They followed the stubborn inclinations of their own wicked hearts. They acted worse and worse instead of better. From the time your ancestors departed the land of Egypt until now, I sent My servants the prophets to you again and again, day after day. But your ancestors did not listen to Me nor pay attention to Me. They became obstinate and were more wicked than even their own forefathers.’”)

      (Jer 7:27-29; Then the Lord said to me, “When you tell them all this, they will not listen to you. When you call out to them, they will not respond to you. So tell them: ‘This is a nation that has not obeyed the Lord their God and has not accepted correction. Faithfulness is nowhere to be found in it. These people do not even profess it anymore. So, mourn, you people of this nation. Cut off your hair and throw it away. Sing a song of mourning on the hilltops. For the Lord has decided to reject and forsake this generation that has provoked His wrath!’)

     (Jer 7:30-34; The Lord says, “I have rejected them because the people of Judah have done what I consider evil. They have set up their disgusting idols in the temple which I have claimed for My own and have defiled it. They have also built places of worship in a place called Topheth in the Valley of Ben Hinnom so that they can sacrifice their sons and daughters by fire. That is something I never commanded them to do! Indeed, it never even entered My mind to command such a thing! So, watch out!” says the Lord. “The time will soon come when people will no longer call those places Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom. But they will call that valley the Valley of Slaughter and they will bury so many people in Topheth they will run out of room. Then the dead bodies of these people will be left on the ground for the birds and wild animals to eat. There will not be any survivors to scare them away. I will put an end to the sounds of joy and gladness, or the glad celebration of brides and grooms throughout the towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem. For the whole land will become a desolate wasteland.”)

      The noun, Topheth is generally explained as an artificial formation of a word related to the Aramaic word for ‘cooking stove’ combined with the vowels for the word for ‘shame.’ Hence, Jewish piety viewed it as a very shameful act, one that was contrary to the law. See Lev 18:21; 20:2-6. Child sacrifice was practiced during the reigns of the wicked kings Ahaz, Manasseh and apparently during Jeremiah’s day. See 2 Kgs 16:3; 21:6; and Jer 32:35. Such wickedness was done in Egypt and even in Mexico in the previous century: originating from the demonic belief that people are born immortal.

    (2 Chron 28:1-4; Ahaz was twenty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned for sixteen years in Jerusalem. He did not do what pleased the Lord, in contrast to his ancestor David. He followed in the footsteps of the kings of Israel; he also made images of the Baals. He offered sacrifices in the Valley of Ben Hinnom and passed his sons through the fire, a horrible sin practiced by the nations whom the Lord drove out before the Israelites. He offered sacrifices and burned incense on the high places, on the hills, and under every green tree.)

     The word translated hell is ‘Gehenna - geenna,’ a Greek transliteration of the Hebrew words ‘gehenna - Valley of Hinnom. This was the valley along the south side of Jerusalem. In Old Testament times it was used for human sacrifices to the pagan god Molech; See Jer 7:31; 19:5-6; 32:35, and it came to be used as a place where human excrement and rubbish were disposed and burned. In the intertestamental period, it came to be used symbolically as the place of divine punishment. See Ezra 7:36.

    Catholic and Protestant doctrine on hell, came from the evolution of translations from people with agenda’s and Satan’s lie, ‘God knows you won’t surely die.’ Holy Scripture teaches through Jesus’ apostles that eternal life is only gifted through, Jesus by promise.

     (John 10:34-39; Jesus answered, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods’? If those people to whom the word of God came were called ‘gods’ (and the scripture cannot be broken), do you say about the one whom the Father set apart and sent into the world, ‘You are blaspheming,’ because I said, ‘I am the Son of God’? If I do not perform the deeds of My Father, do not believe Me. But if I do them, even if you do not believe Me, believe the deeds, so that you may come to know and understand that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.” Then they attempted again to seize Him, but He escaped their clutches.”)

     Understanding the above concerns the meaning of Jesus’ quoting Ps 82:6. It is important to look at the Old Testament context: The whole line reads “I say; you are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you.” Jesus picks up on the term “sons of the Most High” in John 10:36, where he refers to Himself as the Son of God. The psalm was understood in rabbinic circles as an attack on unjust judges who, though they have been given the title ‘gods’ because of their quasi-divine function of exercising judgment, are just as mortal as other men. What is the argument here? It is often thought to be as follows: If it was an Old Testament practice to refer to men like the judges as gods, and that not blasphemy, why did the Jewish authorities object when this term was applied to Jesus?

    The reason the Old Testament judges could be called gods is because they were vehicles of the word of God. See John 10:35. Granting that premise, Jesus deserves much more than they to be called God. He is the Word incarnate, whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world to save the world. See John 10:36. In light of the prologue to the Gospel of John, it seems this interpretation would have been most natural for the author.

      If it is permissible to call men ‘gods’ because they were the vehicles of the word of God, how much more permissible is it to use the word ‘God’ of Him who is the Word of God?

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