About the author

I began serious bible study through Ambassador College correspondence courses in about 1963. In 1958 I read “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and was convicted by the Holy Spirit that following God’s way was the ultimate and only path.  Since: my studies have been on my own as the average person would understand, but; I accepted that the Holy Spirit was and is my teacher many years ago. (see John 14:) I have always been one to challenge traditions and teachings of men. Always questioning “where did this originate?” I have taken a few seminary courses and mostly found that the Holy Spirit had already taught me the principles being presented.

I am profoundly a teacher of New Testament principles: believing, faith, grace, imputation and above all LOVE. However the Holy Spirit has taught me that much is lost in Christian teaching when the vast majority abandoned God’s Calendar as He gave to Moses (see Exodus 12:) and replaced it with pagan principles. The popular Roman Calendar recognizes months, days and times named for pagan gods. Holidays recognizing paganism. When Christ returns, one of the first things to go will be all pagan calendars. I am looking forward to Christ’s coming, bringing His Kingdom to this earth and His Way practiced.

His work “His View Assemblies” isn’t about me. God called me out from this age of get; this world system, in whose god is Satan, (2Cor 4:3-4) more than 40 years ago. The Holy Spirit began working in and on me since I was a child. Learning to understand things from God’s point of view is my gifted desire. Praise God, I am still learning to lean on Him.

James Nelson  mailto:jwaynew2848@att.net