get involved

This work isn’t about activities of our making. The work of God is a never ending, always overcoming, never graduating from Christian Training. Building an organization of men is not His. nor our purpose. Feeding His Sheep, preparing for His Kingdom and walking in His Light is our purpose. Christianity is about yielding to and considering all things from God’s point of view: “individually seeking His Way.” We must start by realizing that we are His creation. He made us and has provided His “God breathed” instructions book for our well being. To be involved in God’s work, one must seek His will; recognize His authority; flee idoltry and believe in His returning Kingdom. Getting involved means being ready to give an answer about the hope we have in Christ. When God provides, when He opens doors of opportunity; lead a study where the objective is to consider from Christ’s position. Feed back is good. Share successes, failures, opportunities, problems and prayer request. Remember, His View Assemblies is not an organization, but an organism of Christ Jesus, desiring to serve likeminded believers.